Top Insurance Companies (id)

The basic purpose of insurance is to provide asset protection or the protection of life to the insured (who get insurance) with a mechanism that is set up in such a way so that is a must for people to know which insurance company is right for them choose.

Before the agreement is legally bound, you should already know that the insurance company will profile you select. In addition to the premiums, there are a number of utmost priority to be a material consideration before making a choice, one of which is the company's reputation.

Here is a list of the best insurance companies in Indonesia national financial magazine, Infobank per 2013.

  1. Life Insurance Mega Life
  2. Bringin Life Insurance Life Prosperity
  3. Commonwealth Life
  4. Allianz Life Insurance
  5. Prudential Life Assurance
  6. Hexa Eka Life Insurance
  7. Cigna insurance
  8. Equity Life Indonesia
  9. Krishna Life Insurance
  10. Life Insurance Recapital
  11. Build Insurance Askrida
  12. mercury Pratikara
  13. Jasaraharja Son
  14. Adira Insurance
  15. Indrapura insurance
  16. Pan Pacific Insurance
  17. Central Sejahtera Insurance
  18. Insurance Tri Pakarta
  19. Citra International Underwriters
  20. Asuransi Multi Artha Guna
  21. insurance Kingdom
  22. General Insurance Videi
  23. Insurance Lloyd Eka Jaya
  24. BESS Insuranse
  25. Arthagraha General Insurance

Insurance companies above are considered to have excellent performance by Infobank magazine during the year 2013 as stated Chief of Research Bureau of Research Infobank, Ateng Anwar Darmawijaya at Grand Sahid Jaya, Jakarta, Tuesday (02.07.14).