Prudential Health Insurance (id)

As one of the famous insurance company, Prudential Indonesia provides a wide range of insurance products to prospective customers. One of the insurance products that are widely used by the public is health insurance.

What about health insurance products Prudential?

Prudential Indonesia's health insurance products known by the name / code PRUhospital care. What are the advantages of this care PRUhospital? Here's a quick review of health insurance products Prudential, PRUhospital care.

PRUhospital care, a health insurance product specifically for the purpose of inpatient hospital or require the insured to undergo treatment in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), surgery, or an accident, for example when you are traveling abroad (traveling).

Payment will be made dependent on the number of days you are in a period of treatment.

Some of the benefits if you choose a health insurance product Prudential (PRUhospital care), which are:

  • The existence of the daily benefit will be paid if you were admitted to hospital and underwent treatment period in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit).
  • You get the benefit of surgery that will be given at the time you were admitted to hospital and had to undergo surgery.
  • You get the benefit that will be provided at the time you have to undergo hospital treatment due to an accident while traveling abroad.

That's information about Prudential Health Insurance (ID), may helpful for you.