Prudential Insurance Products (id)

Prudential Indonesia offers a number of insurance products to its customers. Prudential insurance products covering Related Investment Protection, Life Insurance, Traditional Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, Health Insurance, and Endowment.

Here is a list of products Prudential Indonesia and a brief description of these products.

Related Investment Protection

PRUlink assurance account
PRUlink fixed pay
PRUlink investors account
PRUlink syariah assurance account
PRUlink sharia investors account


Term Life Insurance
PRUlife cover
Traditional Life Insurance
PRUmy child
PRUuniversal life
Accident Insurance
PRUaccident cover
PRUaccident plus
Health Insurance
PRUhospital care
PRUprotector plan

Product Description

PRUlink assurance account an investment-related life insurance products with premium payments are made regularly which provide flexibility which allows you to at any time change the amount of coverage, premiums and payment method that suits your needs. In addition, you can also add additional insurance products such as hospitalization, accident or critical condition. You can choose one or a combination of eight different types of investment funds are available, and you are allowed to change the combination of investment funds at any time.

PRUlink fixed pay is a life insurance product that is associated with an investment designed to provide the flexibility that is able to meet a variety of needs at every stage of your life, with a guaranteed death benefit * and the option premium payments for certain period, for 7, 10, 15 or 20 years .

PRUlink investors account that life insurance products are associated with an investment in one-time premium payment that offers a wide selection of investment funds. In addition to getting the potential return on investment, these products also will provide comprehensive protection against the risk of death or risk of total and permanent disability.

PRUlink investors account provides flexibility for policyholder in choosing investments that allow a good return on investment for the long term in accordance with the needs and risk profile Policyholder.